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#ESC2018: Want to live longer? Avoid low-carb diets

2018 28 Aug

A diet that's low in carbohydrates and high in protein is what many people take in order to lose weight. But low carbohydrate diets have been found to be unsafe and could lead to premature deaths, according to a large study presented at ESC Congress 2018 held in Munich. The findings suggest that low carbohydrate diets should not be recommended.... Read more

Cardiology Management

AF Screening in Older People Cuts Risk of Stroke and Death

2017 09 May

The AF-SCREEN International Collaboration say that screening of asymptomatic atrial fibrillation (AF) in people 65 years and older and treating it with anticoagulant medications could help reduce the risk of stroke and premature death. The recommendations are published in Circulation, the Journal of the American Heart Association. See Also :... Read more