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Cardiology Management

Good Communication Helps Improve Heart Patient Outcomes

2017 03 Apr

New research findings support evidence showing that effective patient-physician communication has a positive effect on the patient's health. In a survey of 6,810 patients with atherosclerosis, those who reported good communication with their healthcare providers were less likely to use the emergency room and more likely to comply with their treatment... Read more

Executive Health Management

Best Hospital Communicators: No Medical Background?

2015 17 Dec

Communication is one of the most critical elements of quality patient care. However, it can be difficult to accomplish effective communication during handoffs in the hospital. Internists Janice Kwan, MD, MPH, and Matthew Morgan, MD, MSc, FACP at Mount Sinai evaluated if patient navigators would be able to resolve this problem at Mount Sinai. The navigators'... Read more

Executive Health Management

Anxious Patients May Prefer To Receive Biopsy Results By Phone

2015 07 Apr

Physicians are taught to deliver the results of patients’ biopsies in person, but a survey of patients at three US melanoma clinics indicates that many patients prefer an expedient phone call to the longer wait associated with a face-to-face follow-up visit. “We thought they would want it to be in person or by email, but it turned out that the phone... Read more

Executive Health Management

Measuring Physician Compassion: Patients Respond to Optimism

2015 26 Feb

Many physicians struggle to deliver bad news to cancer patients. They must balance the need to honestly inform patients about their prognoses while expressing empathy. According to new research, cancer patients who are given an optimistic message from their doctors which includes possible future treatment options are more likely to perceive a higher... Read more

IT Management

Use of Patient Portals Still Low

2014 25 Aug

Patient portal use remains low or unpopular, with only one-third of patients having access to such portals and the other two-thirds either without or unsure of their access, according to results of a random survey covering 1,540 patients in the US.The survey, conducted by Austin-based EHR reviewer Software Advice, aimed to measure patients' awareness,... Read more