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Executive Health Management

Ditch the Survey: Patient Satisfaction Assessment

2016 04 Jan

While patient satisfaction remains one of the most important factors used to determine the performance of a healthcare facility, they sometimes prove to be inadequate. That is why at Cleveland Clinic, patient satisfaction surveys are supplemented with other information such as complaints and compliments that come through the health system's ombudsman... Read more

Executive Health Management

How Effective are Online Ratings of Doctors?

2015 23 Jun

Physician ratings websites are intended to make patients better-informed consumers of healthcare, but some doctors worry that complainers will be the most outspoken contributors to rating sites, skewing scores and making the ratings less reliable. A new study, however, finds that that fear is unwarranted. Researchers compared the ratings of 1,425 doctors... Read more

Executive Health Management

How Productive are Patient Satisfaction Surveys?

2015 20 Jun

According to a recent report from The Hastings Center, a nonpartisan research institute, patient satisfaction surveys may be doing more harm than good. While the intention of patient satisfaction surveys may be to evaluate the performance of an organisation or a service, the report suggests that the survey may end up increasing the cost of healthcare... Read more