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Executive Health Management

Imaging innovation’s critical role in healthcare’s future

2018 07 Nov

With the shift toward value-based care, healthcare providers are focused on their most pressing challenges: improving the patient and staff experience; increasing diagnostic confidence; enabling greater efficiency and productivity; and facilitating data-driven practice management. The need to connect data and technology to enable precision healthcare... Read more

Executive Health Management

27th AHA Leadership Summit

2019 25 Jul

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Executive Health Management

The Digital Healthcare Show & ehi Live 2019

2019 26 Jun

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IMAGING Management

Successful quality management system in a radiology department

2018 22 Sep

Basic components of effective performance improvement programmes include patient safety, process improvement, customer service, professional staff assessment, and education, each of which requires strategies for implementing continuous programmes to monitor performance, analyse data, implement change, and meet regulatory requirements.... Read more

IT Management

Short read: Patient safety and simple solution to electronic clinical handover

2018 15 Aug

Clinical handover is the transfer of professional responsibility and accountability for some or all aspects of a patient’s care to another person or team, either on a temporary or permanent basis. With the decrease in hours worked in modern medical practice, the number of handovers performed has increased proportionally. This has raised concerns... Read more

Executive Health Management

Medical deaths: should doctors be allowed to learn from mistakes?

2018 12 Jun

Patient safety is an important consideration in the delivery of care. While providers continually seek ways to improve patient safety and overall quality of care, medical mistakes sometimes happen. In the UK, reports say Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is set to announce new measures aimed at protecting doctors and medical staff when mistakes are... Read more

Executive Health Management

7th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit

2019 18 Jan

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Executive Health Management

Supply chain management in the operating room

2018 05 Apr

In a hospital, the operating room is one of the costliest units to run. A new study by Cardinal Health suggests that better supply chain management systems and analytics are needed to help reduce OR costs and support patient safety. In a survey of surgical staff and hospital supply chain heads, Cardinal Health researchers found that OR surgeons and... Read more

ICU Management

Volume 18 - Issue 1, 2018

2018 16 Mar

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