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Disruptive Technology In Pathology

2018 10 Oct

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Executive Health Management

Improving hospital patient care by cutting long stays

2018 20 Jun

In a joint announcement, NHS England and NHS Improvement said they will spearhead a campaign to cut long stays in hospitals. Shorter stays will benefit patients who would otherwise be stuck in hospital when they are well enough to leave.   Many older people, particularly those who are frail and may have dementia, actually deteriorate while... Read more

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2018 25 May

Healthcare in the U.S. is an industry that’s ripe for innovation. From a convoluted insurance system to a complicated chain of care to a lack of price transparency, many factors combine to create a healthcare system that’s slow, expensive, inefficient, and difficult to navigate.   But some companies are fast at work addressing the many pain... Read more

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Showing your face motivates staff and raises morale

2018 02 Apr

Hospital leaders who think they are too busy to have a chat with staff and learn what's going on at the facility, don't realise the importance of a hands-on leadership style. Finding the time to interact with your staff at all levels is a good way to keep them motivated at the workplace, which propels them to do their work better.   Setting a weekly... Read more

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Fighting EHR burnout one step at a time

2017 07 Nov

Providing timely and quality patient care is what doctors are trained to do. In today's healthcare environment, however, there are a number of factors that distract physicians from their focus on delivering direct patient care. In particular, administrative burdens and technological frustrations are putting more pressure on U.S. physicians to reduce... Read more

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A Little R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

2017 18 Jul

Cultivating a culture of respect and trust among staff is important to the success of an organisation. It can also be a big factor in improving patient care, as shown by the experience of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.      At NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, executives found that cultivating a “culture of respect” among staff meant simply listening... Read more

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Using Technology to Enhance Patient-Physician Interactions

2017 29 May

Electronic health records (EHRs) are essential to providing medical care for patients. With the growing use of EHRs, the computer has become an integral part of a clinical office examination room. If used effectively, in-room technology will both enhance patient care and engender a greater degree of patient trust in their provider, according to an... Read more

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7 Ways to Improve Patient Outcomes in the New World of Value-Based Care

2017 16 May

Introduction   Hospitals around the world are under increasing pressure to improve outcomes – whether because they are operating in a fee-for-performance or value-based care environment, or simply because today’s increasingly informed patients are deliberately pursuing treatment at facilities with a reputation for superior care.   Whatever... Read more

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2017 09 May

We asked healthcare service providers what they'll need to succeed. Some of the answers will surprise you. I recently had the honor of giving the key note speech at the Healthcare Business International Conference 2017, where 570 healthcare industry CEOs from 50 countries gathered to share their perspectives on what to expect in... Read more

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Three Ways to Thrive in the Face of Today’s Cost Constraints

2017 17 Mar

Executive summary   All around the world, today’s hospitals are operating in an environment of downward cost pressures, yet are being expected to demonstrate improved outcomes – which usually entails costly innovations to improve infrastructure, staffing, and technology. This white paper explores how such investments can actually lower costs... Read more