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ICU Management

Over Half of ICU Patients on Ventilators Able to Communicate

2015 28 Jan

More than half of patients in intensive care units (ICU) using ventilators to help them breathe could benefit from assistive communication tools and speech language consultation, according to a new study published in Heart & Lung . These tools could be as simple as a notepad and pen that would allow a patient to write requests and questions, researchers... Read more

IMAGING Management

Improving the Radiology Service Patient Experience

2015 20 Jan

Radiologists are increasingly recognising their role as direct service providers to patients and seeking to offer an exceptional patient experience as part of high-quality service delivery. A recent article by Andrew Rosenkrantz, MD  and Kristine Pysarenko, MD from NYU Langone Medical Center, published in Academic Radiology , explores important areas... Read more