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Health Management

Volume 18 - Issue 2, 2018

2018 20 Feb

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Health Management

Enhancing the patient experience with video information

2018 20 Feb

Modern-day devices to help the modern-day patient.How the use of video information and modern-day devices can help with patients who are dealing with anxiety in anticipation of radiology testing and treatment.In December 2015, Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s imaging services department was selected and honoured as one of seven grant recipients by AHRA... Read more

Health Management

Happy staff, safe patients

2018 20 Feb

An interview with Dr. Umesh Prabhu. Leading NHS medical director, Dr. Umesh Prabhu on what a hospital can do to improve patient safety – yesterday.Patient safety is a critical area of focus for all healthcare institutions, requiring involvement from all levels, from the board to individual staff members on the frontline, Dr Umesh Prabhu, the former... Read more

Executive Health Management

National Healthcare CXO Summit Spring 2018

2018 12 Feb

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Executive Health Management

Healthcare Staff Suffer Above Average Depression

2017 23 Jul

An independent UK healthcare body dedicated to improving patient experience and supporting frontline staff in the sector says National Health Service (NHS) personnel have become the “shock absorbers” of an overburdened system.     It goes on to say positive staff experience is essential for employees to be at their best with patients.   In a report published... Read more

Executive Health Management

Patient Engagement and Profit Improvement

2017 03 Apr

Cost is always an important issue in healthcare, and a new report from Press Ganey shows hospitals with better patient experience scores also reaped financial benefits. See Also: Why Don’t We Introduce Patients Into Healthcare Management?Press Ganey’s annual “Strategic Insights” report examined patient experience scores, care quality data and other... Read more

Health Management

Affidea - Healthcare Without Borders

2016 13 Nov

Affidea is an international healthcare provider focused on advanced diagnostic imaging and cancer care. We are the largest independent provider of these services in Europe, operating 198 medical centres in 15 countries. Despite spanning a multitude of geographies and cultures, the message across Affidea remains constant– nothing is more important than... Read more

Health Management

The Inevitable Rise of Outpatient Imaging Centres

2016 25 Aug

Countries around the world have different relationships to advanced ‏diagnostic imaging in the out of hospital (outpatient) environment. In ‏Australia and Italy, it is not uncommon to find imaging centres in shopping ‏malls, a concept which is anathema to both the United Kingdom & South ‏Africa. A shift from hospital based imaging services to a mixed... Read more

IT Management

Bold IT Healthcare Leaders Needed

2016 19 Jan

Financial constraints have hindered implementation of electronic records, interoperable systems and patient access in many countries and within many acute hospitals, according to John Rayner, Regional Director – Europe and Latin America, HIMSS Analytics. He points out that the vast majority of health economies are tasked with creating comprehensive... Read more