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Role of Antigen Tests in the COVID-19 pandemic

2021 17 Feb

Speakers: Dr. Karen Roush, MD, MBA Dr. Lily Li, MD, PhD, MBA Find Ortho Clinical Diagnostics - EMEA on Social Media   Read more

Executive Health Management

2021 01 Feb

Digital technologies are impacting our way of living on a daily basis allowing customers to shop online, make travelling arrangements, use banking services, educational platforms, without physical presence. Healthcare was adopting innovative technologies aiming to increase accuracy of medical outcomes but embracing digital tools for online services... Read more

COVID-19 Workflow Changes in Outpatient Imaging Centres

2021 20 Jan

COVID-19 has caused a significant shift in how healthcare is delivered. In the U.S., New York City was the hardest hit within the New York State, reporting nearly 6400 new cases daily during the peak of the pandemic in April to June. The government implemented stay-at-home and social distancing measures in order to prevent overcrowding and reduce person-to-person... Read more

Volume 20 - Issue 10, 2020

2020 30 Nov

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Chained Globalisation

2020 30 Nov

We have been reading for decades that we live in a global village and that the virtual world has put down all boundaries. However, the reality in healthcare does not really reflect this description. Technological advancement has benefitted healthcare at the global scale although at a different pace. There is, no doubt, a global appetite for... Read more

Radiology Resources in Timor-Leste: Limited Imaging Choices in a Small Yet Poor Country

2020 30 Nov

An evaluation of the imaging profile of Timor-Leste’s territory consisting of the eastern half of the Southeast Asian Island of Timor, Atauro, Dili, Oecusse, bordered by West Timor and an assessment of the region’s imaging resources, radiology capabilities and barriers to the provision of imaging care. Key Points... Read more

Treating Early COVID-19 Infection

2020 14 Nov

There have been over 47 million cases of COVID-19 globally and 1.2 million deaths. According to Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the treatment of patients with early COVID-19 infection requires urgent focus. Treating these patients early in the course of infection could help speed up their... Read more

Volume 20 - Issue 9, 2020

2020 12 Nov

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The Serious Public Health Consequences of Health Disparity

2020 12 Nov

As hospitals and clinics rebuild and reorganise from the public health and financial challenges of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there has never been a better time to address health disparity in medicine. The American College of Radiology is collaborating with patients and other health care organisations, to develop solutions to eliminate... Read more

Patient Transformers

2020 12 Nov

Online knowledge, self-help groups and special interest forums have transitioned physicians from almighty omniscient ‘demigods in white’ to professionals heftily challenged by patients and their Dr Google.  As a result, physician self-reflection and patient participation have become the pillars of modern medical ethics and treatment programmes.... Read more