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Health Management

2015 26 May

Boris Zernikow, medical scientist and paediatric and palliative medicine researcher, has been awarded the 2015 Communicator Award for his dedicated and public outreach work on pain, pain therapy and palliative care in children. He will be the sixteenth recipient of the Communicator Award. Dr. Zernikow will receive 50,000 Euros for his work on 30 June... Read more

Executive Health Management

Improved Emergency Care Could Reduce Hospital Admissions

2015 08 May

According to a three-year analysis by researchers at Mount Sinai, applying palliative care principles to emergency departments may reduce the number of geriatric patients admitted to intensive care units and could possibly extend lives and reduce Medicare costs. The research is to be published in Health Affairs . The data indicates that over half... Read more

ICU Management

Predicting Disability and Death After the ICU

2015 11 Feb

Although an increasing number of older adults are surviving visits to hospital intensive care units (ICUs), many emerge with disabilities such as impaired walking and poor overall function. Interestingly, a Yale School of Medicine study has shown that that the level of disability the year before an ICU visit can predict post-ICU disability and death.... Read more

ICU Management

End-of-Life Care in ICUs: Practices Vary Amongst Asian Doctors

2015 14 Jan

Results of an Asia-wide survey show that attitudes and practices surrounding end-of-life care for patients in hospital intensive care units (ICUs) varied widely amongst physicians on the continent. The survey covered 1,465 physicians (physician response rate of 59.6 percent), who manage patients in 466 ICUs (ICU response rate of 59.4 percent) in 16... Read more

ICU Management

Significant Cost Savings with Early Palliative Care

2014 22 Jul

A new study in Health Services Research reports that palliative care, if delivered early during hospitalisation, can play an important role in cutting down costs for critically ill patients. The ultimate objective of palliative care is to relieve the patient's suffering. Lead author Ian McCarthy, PhD, an assistant professor of economics at Emory University... Read more