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Executive Health Management

England to Introduce Deemed Consent for Organ Donation

2020 10 Mar

Starting 20 May 2020, a new law will be implemented in England regulating a new system of deemed, or presumed consent for routine organ and tissue donation. All adults will be considered to have no objection to becoming a donor after they die, unless they have prior registered their decision to ‘opt out’ or confirmed being part of an excluded... Read more

ICU Management

LIVES2016: Do We Need the Dead Donor Rule?

2016 11 Oct

With continuing shortages of donor organs in all countries, should the dead donor rule be replaced by the “dead enough for donation” rule? The issues surrounding organ donation when the donor is not yet dead were presented by Rik Gerritsen, Chair of the Ethics section of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine at LIVES 2016 in Milan last... Read more

ICU Management

Caring for Organ Donors in the ICU

2016 20 Sep

The key points in caring for organ donors in the intensive care unit (ICU) are to use standardised donor management protocols, to administer methylprodnisolone, desmopressin and vasopressin as a useful supplement to treatment of brain dead patients, and to use the same target parameters as for other critically ill patients, according to a review article... Read more

IT Management

Portable Finger-probe Device Measures Liver Function in Organ Donors

2015 01 Jun

According to a UCLA study, a portable, finger-probe device can successfully measure liver function in brain dead adult organ donors. The study is published in the Journal of Surgical Research. UCLA researchers worked with OneLegacy, a non-profit organ and tissue recovery organisation that serves the greater Los Angeles area. In a double blind study,... Read more

ICU Management

Ethical Change Recommended to Increase Donor Organs in USA

2015 12 May

To help ease an organ shortage crisis in the US, ethicists from NYU Langone Medical Center have suggested a simple and ethical change in policy that would greatly expand the nation’s organ pool while respecting autonomy, choice, and vulnerability of a deceased’s family or authorised caregiver. Their proposed solution, which is described in an article... Read more

Cardiology Management

Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute Sets New Standard for Heart Transplants

2015 12 Apr

For the second year in a row, Cedars-Sinai Institute sets new standard for heart transplants. It is also the leading Institute for Heart Transplantation in the US for the fifth consecutive year. The centre’s Heart Transplant Program was established in 1988 and since then,1097 patients have undergone heart transplantation here. Cedars-Sinai completed... Read more