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ICU Management

Concluding remarks

2019 14 Mar

Reducing sedation and managing and treating pain are important objectives for clinicians. The primary goal should always be to promote the comfort of the patient and to minimise pain through the proper use of multimodal analgesia. The use of opioid drugs should be avoided unless absolutely necessary; and focus should be placed on achieving pain control... Read more

IT Management

How blockchain is fighting opioid epidemic

2018 13 Sep

Much has been said about blockchain's potential to enhance security of data management and sharing. Gartner has gone so far to say it's overhyped at the moment; yet IBM and other tech firms are bent on turning the promise of cryptographic ledger technology into real-world efficiencies in healthcare and beyond. Blockchain's growing list of innovative... Read more

ICU Management

Arabs and Jews Get Equal Pain Treatment in the ER

2015 10 Sep

Results of an Israeli study indicate that ethnic differences, including during periods of armed conflicts, have no effect on pain treatment in children who visit the emergency departments with broken bones or joint dislocations. These paediatric patients with fracture or dislocation received equal pain treatment in the ED regardless of their ethnicity... Read more

ICU Management

Masimo Announces Patient SafetyNet Series 5000 with Iris Connectivity and MyView

2015 16 Apr

Bringing Connected Care and Enhancing Clinician Workflow from the Operating Room to the Medical and Surgical Unit Masimo announced the debut of Patient SafetyNet Series 5000™ along with Iris™ Connectivity and MyView™ through the Root ® patient monitoring and connectivity platform at the HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition in Chicago. This... Read more

Pharmacy Management

Opioid Drugs Not Always Effective for Chronic Pain

2015 19 Jan

According to a white paper released by the National Institutes of Health, there is little or no evidence of the effectiveness of opioid drugs in the treatment of long-term chronic pain, despite the extensive growth in the use of these drugs. The paper states that many of the studies that have been used over the years to justify the use of opioid... Read more