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IT Management

Smartphone App to Fight Obesity

2014 01 Jul

Adults who regularly engage in voluntary or prescribed physical activity may still be at risk for obesity if they spend most of their waking hours sitting or reclining. The new “B-Mobile” smartphone app was designed to monitor sedentary behaviours and prompt users to move for short breaks when they have spent too much time sitting still. In a report... Read more

IMAGING Management

Salford Royal Provides Dignified Bariatric Care

2014 19 Jun

With obesity on the rise, hospitals across the country are adapting to provide equal care for bariatric patients. Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust is leading the way in responding to the rise in obesity in the North West region, where the figure for obesity is 66%. The hospital recently installed an Artis zeeTM Multi-purpose (MP) from Siemens Healthcare,... Read more

Executive Health Management

A Heavy Decision: Is Obesity A Disability?

2014 17 Jun

The case of a Danish childcare worker who claims he was fired for being obese has reached the top court in the EU, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. Now, judges must clarify existing European law and decide whether employers should treat obesity as a disability, entitling overweight workers to discrimination protection. The court’s ruling... Read more

Cardiology Management

Waist Circumference and Cardiovascular Risk: 20 Years On

2014 27 May

It has been twenty years since the publication in the American Journal of Cardiology of a Canadian study showing that waist circumference correlates with abdominal visceral adipose tissue, which in excess predisposes individuals to atherogenic and diabetogenic abnormalities. At the time, imaging was not widely used for clinical diagnosis of obesity,... Read more

Executive Health Management

ICO 2014: Seca's mBCA Ideal Tool for Obesity Management

2014 14 Mar

The number of obese people in the world has doubled in the past three decades. The obesity epidemic has long since spread to countries with moderate to low economic performance. Stopping this development is one of the goals of the 12th International Congress on Obesity (ICO). From 17th to 20th March 2014, nutritionists and scientists will convene... Read more

Executive Health Management

Major Research Project to Tackle Childhood Obesity Crisis

2013 12 Dec

A significant study will have scientists investigate the genetic, dietary and social factors impacting child obesity. With childhood obesity having more than doubled in the past three decades, an extensive and long-term research project has been launched in order to identify the reason for this major increase.  Aiming to to... Read more

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Fat in Organs and Blood May Increase Risk of Osteoporosis 

2013 16 Jul

Excess fat around the stomach has recently been identified as a risk factor for bone loss. A new study has shown that excess liver and muscle fat also may be detrimental to bone. The study, published online in the journal Radiology, found that obese people with higher levels of fat in their liver, muscle tissue and blood also have higher amounts... Read more

ICU Management

Robotic Transplant an Option for Obese Kidney Patients

2013 21 May

Obese patients who received robotic kidney transplants had fewer wound complications than patients who received traditional "open" transplant surgery, according to surgeons at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System. The findings should allow more obese patients to receive kidney transplants. Patients with a body mass index (BMI)... Read more