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2nd Annual BIR Theranostics update 2019

2019 08 Feb

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Conference on Hybrid Imaging Live (CHILI) 2018

2018 26 Oct

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Imaging Technique Could Guide Breast-Conserving Surgery

2017 05 Jun

In a first-in-human study seen as expanding the application of nuclear medicine, British researchers have developed a low-risk technique for intraoperative assessment of tumour margins in breast-conserving surgery. The technique, called Cerenkov luminescence imaging (CLI), combines optical and molecular imaging for detecting light emitted by the PET... Read more

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30th Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine - EANM

2017 21 Oct

The European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) is the largest organisation dedicated to nuclear medicine in Europe. In this role, it has become the umbrella organisation which represents the whole sector towards the European Institutions and other international institutions. Find    European Association of... Read more

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European Society for Hybrid Medical Imaging Launched

2015 27 Nov

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) has announced the launch of a new subspecialty society, the European Society for Hybrid Medical Imaging (ESHI). The new society will be officially inaugurated at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in March 2016. Membership is open to both radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians. ESHI has been created... Read more

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Agfa HealthCare Highlights 'Need For Speed' with Enterprise Imaging at EANM 2015

2015 07 Oct

Integrated solution allows departments to excel in efficiency, clinical throughput and cross-department communication Solution offers fully automated workflow for the nuclear medicine department, advanced image processing and speech recognition. Enables increased personalization of patient care through enhanced collaboration.  ... Read more

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2015 18 Mar

Professor Arturo Chiti was elected as the President Elect of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) in October 2012 and took office in January 2015. Chiti says he is “very proud, happy and excited” to take up the new challenge. Professor Chiti is Full Professor of Diagnostic Imaging at Humanitas University and Director of the Nuclear... Read more