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Executive Health Management

Annual Autonomic Nervous System (AAS) Conference 2019

2019 06 Nov

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IMAGING Management

Smart Planes : Computer-Aided Solution for Examination of Fetal Brain

2016 20 Jan

1. Background  Central nervous system (CNS) malformations are one of the most common congenital abnormalities. Ultrasound has been used for nearly 30 years as the major imaging modality to help diagnose fetal CNS anomalies [1] . Currently, the standard 2D planes used for ultrasound assessment of the central nervous system in fetuses include the... Read more

ICU Management

Peptides: New Promise for Spinal Cord Injury?

2014 08 Dec

A new chemical compound developed by a team of international scientists shows much potential in restoring function lost to spinal cord injury. The compound, which the team dubbed intracellular sigma peptide (ISP), allowed paralysed muscles to activate in more than 80 percent of the animals tested. The findings are published in the journal Nature .... Read more