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Cardiology Management

One in 10 People Have ‘Near-Death’ Experiences

2019 03 Jul

In a new study presented at the 5th European Academy of Neurology (EAN) Congress, it was found that 10% of participants from 35 countries had endured a Near-Death Experience (NDE).   Researchers from the Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, the Center for Stroke Research, Berlin, and the Norwegian University... Read more

ICU Management

Patient Communication Campaign Inspired by Near-Death Experience

2017 11 Jan

In a new article, a critical care medicine physician from Henry Ford Hospital describes in great detail  her near-death experience. The article, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, has resulted in a campaign designed to make healthcare professionals communicate more effectively and to be more empathetic towards their patients. See... Read more