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ICU Management

Emergency Medicine Residents and Gender Bias

2017 08 Mar

According to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, there is a wide difference in the training and evaluation of male and female emergency medical residents. See Also: 5 Strategies to Ensure Gender Parity in Critical Care Medicine Gender bias has long been suspected in medical training programs. This particular study evaluated, for the first... Read more

IMAGING Management

How Role Models Can Help Increase Women in Radiology

2017 17 Jan

To ensure that more female medical students consider radiology as a career, radiologists need to learn more about role modelling, including how to provide more visible female role models for medical students at earlier points in their training, according to an Educational Perspectives article in the journal Academic Radiology.See Also: Representativeness... Read more

IT Management

Virtual Medical Training for Improved Outcomes

2015 27 Jul

A team of researchers from the College of Nursing (CoN) and NYU School of Medicine (SoM) are addressing the barriers to wide-spread adoption of interprofessional education (IPE) as it can play an important role in achieving the aim of better care, better outcomes and reduced healthcare costs. The paper on the initiative titled "E-Learning with virtual... Read more