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Executive Health Management

High healthcare costs but poor outcomes in U.S.

2018 13 Mar

New Harvard-led research shows the U.S. spent nearly twice as much as other high-income countries on medical care in 2016, yet had poorer population health outcomes (e.g.,lowest life expectancy and highest infant mortality rate). The main drivers of higher healthcare costs in the U.S. are generally high prices – for salaries of physicians and nurses,... Read more

Cardiology Management

Greater Life Expectancy With High-Volume Surgeons

2017 05 May

A study conducted by researchers at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai reveals that surgeons who perform more than 25 mitral valve operations a year are more likely to perform repairs that are durable. Their patients are also more likely to be alive a year after the operation as compared to operations that are performed by lower-volume surgeons.... Read more

IT Management

Big Data: Can A Computer Tell When Your Time Is Up?

2016 31 Mar

Statisticians, computer scientists and medics from the University of East Anglia are launching a new project to predict how long you will live. They will use ‘Big Data’ to predict life expectancy – and particularly how various chronic diseases and their treatments impact longevity. While many people may not want to know how long they... Read more

ICU Management

Critical Care in Syria, Grim Reality

2016 26 Jan

A report from the Syrian-American Medical Society details the health crisis in war-torn Syria and efforts to help bolster what remains of the country's healthcare system. Responding to this crisis has been made difficult by the targeting of hospitals and healthcare workers, primarily by the government but also by the rebels, according to the report... Read more

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Screening in Older People - When Not To

2016 22 Jan

Researchers in the U.S. have found that nearly 16 percent of individuals 65 years or older may have received non-recommended screenings for breast and prostate cancers because they had limited life expectancies of less than 10 years. The finding, reported in JAMA Oncology , could help inform measures to curb unnecessary and potentially harmful cancer... Read more

Cardiology Management

Study Reveals England's Improving Health Performance

2015 15 Sep

According to new research published in The Lancet , in 2013 England performed better than average on a variety of key health outcomes as compared to 18 other high-income countries in the European Union, Canada, Norway and the U.S. However, the findings reveal substantial health disparities within English regions.  Professor John Newton from Public... Read more

Cardiology Management

Life Expectancy Lower With Combination of Diabetes, Stroke, or Heart Attack

2015 07 Jul

According to a study published in JAMA, analysis of nearly 1.2 million participants and more than 135,000 deaths showed that mortality associated with a history of diabetes, stroke, or heart attack was similar for each condition, and the risk of death increased substantially with each additional condition a patient had. Prevalence of cardiometabolic... Read more

Executive Health Management

Higher Mortality For Hospital Patients With Alcohol Addiction

2015 07 Apr

The mortality of alcohol dependent patients in general hospitals is many times higher than that of patients without alcohol dependency. In addition, they die about 7.6 years earlier on average than hospital patients without a history of alcohol addiction. This is what scientists from the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the University... Read more

Executive Health Management

Aggressive Prostate Cancer Treatment Defies Guidelines

2014 10 Dec

The first study of its kind by UCLA researchers has found that despite the fact that more than half of prostate cancer patients 66 years of age and older have life expectancies of less than ten years, half of them are over-treated for prostate cancer with surgery, radiation or brachytherapy. National guidelines recommend that men with life expectancy of... Read more