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Executive Health Management

Leaders in Healthcare 2017

2017 30 Oct

Find  Leaders In Healthcare   on Social Media    Read more

Executive Health Management

2017 23 Feb

Medical Improv is an exciting teaching tool that can be used to promote emotional intelligence, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills in healthcare professionals. It is different from improv comedy because the focus is on learning instead of performing.  In this emerging field, practitioners adapt experiential activities from the world of... Read more

IMAGING Management

Physician Burnout: Ways to Improve Radiologist Wellbeing

2017 17 Jan

Poor leadership skills, particularly for physicians working in large centres, have a significant association with physician burnout and dissatisfaction, according to a review to appear in the journal Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology. The study is available online as an accepted manuscript. See Also : 9 Ways to Prevent Doctor Burnout... Read more