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Manufacturing Marvel: Ampronix Adapts To Cutting-Edge Innovations

2016 16 May

3D PRINTING AND AMPRONIXThe Utilization of 3D printing in Research and Development Department expedites creative engineering process, drive prices down.In The Third American Revolution, renowned American economic and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin proposes that the world is in the midst of experiencing a reprise of the manufacturing/technological boom... Read more

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PENTAX Medical Launches OPTIVISTA-EPK-i7010 Video Processor

2016 13 May

A world first for endoscopy, digital and optical enhancements working in combinationThe new OPTIVISTA EPK-i7010 video processor uniquely features both digital and optical enhancements for more accurate endoscopic in vivo diagnosis through improved vessel and mucosal pattern characterization. (Images courtesy of Dr. Federico Buffoli, Ospedale di Cremona,... Read more

IMAGING Management

Management of Medical Imaging Appointments

2014 06 Oct

The Curie Institute in Paris primarily sees patients with planned attendances and few emergencies. However, they are not immune to the difficulties that can emerge in the management and scheduling of appointments, difficulties that are common to many other institutions, and the prescribed procedures facilitating an optimised organisation of imaging... Read more

IMAGING Management

COCIR EU Report Highlights Obsolescence of Imaging Equipment

2014 29 May

COCIR, a non-profit trade association which represents the medical technology industry in Europe, has announced the preliminary results of its Medical Imaging Equipment Age Profile and Density report.  The report has identified some alarming findings, namely that installed base density per capita is highlighting fundamental access inequalities. This... Read more