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ICU Management

The need to humanise the ICU

2019 14 Mar

Susan East, a patient speaker at the ATS 2017 International Conference in Washington D.C. and a three times ARDS survivor shares her experience about her stay in the ICU.   I am Susan East, a three times ARDS survivor.   July 3, 2008, I had ARDS! I went to my primary physician on June 30, 2008 with symptoms of a sinus infection. He diagnosed... Read more

ICU Management

Finding ways to humanise the ICU

2019 06 Feb

In the ICU, clinicians attending to a patient on the brink of death may neglect to carefully consider what the patient is experiencing: to be unable to speak, be stripped naked, have tubes inserted into multiple orifices, have their arms restrained, and to be poked, and prodded – all while family is torn away. Clinicians also may not remember that... Read more