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ICU Management

Emergency Department to ICU Time and Mortality

2019 22 Aug

Delays in transferring patients from the Emergency Department (ED) to the ICU could delay treatment, leaving the patient at risk. A recent study explored the impact of this and found that increased ED to ICU wait times were associated with increased hospital mortality.   Data was used from the Dutch quality registry National Intensive Care Evaluation,... Read more

Cardiology Management

Study: AF hospital mortality risk higher in rural areas

2017 12 Dec

According to researchers in the U.S., urban-rural differences exist when it comes to the risk of hospital mortality among patients with atrial fibrillation (AF). Their study shows that AF patients have a 17 percent increased risk of death in rural hospitals compared to their counterparts in urban hospitals. The findings are reported in the journal... Read more

ICU Management

Driving pressure and hospital mortality in non-ARDS patients

2017 24 Oct

According to researchers in Canada, driving pressure was not associated with hospital mortality in a cohort of mechanically ventilated, critically ill patients without Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), in whom compliance was also not associated with mortality. They say their findings published in the journal CHEST need to be replicated in... Read more