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Hospital Management Asia (HMA) 2017

2017 23 Aug

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Executive Health Management

IFHE-EU 2017

2017 29 May

Welcome to Bologna in MAY 2017 For the 7th European Congress for International Federation of Hospital Engineering The SIAIS  (Italian Society of Architecture and Engineering for Healthcare) association of Italian Hospital Engineering is proud to organize the 7th Congress of IFHE-EU, the bi-annual conference of IFHE Europe, the European branch... Read more

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Improving Patient Outcomes

2016 25 Aug

HOW TO DEFINE, MEASURE, AND INCREASE POSITIVE AND REIMBURSABLE PATIENT CARE OUTCOMES Due to increasing cost pressure, established remuneration models for healthcare services are changing all around the world. As part of the move toward value-based care, patient outcomes are entering the spotlight. Thus, hospital managers face the challenge of... Read more

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A Closer Look At Financial Performance in Healthcare

2016 25 Aug

MANAGING COSTS, RISK, AND FINANCING TO CREATE AN ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS Healthcare providers around the world face resource shortages, economic and regulatory uncertainty, and increasing market volatility. Trends such as alternative compensation models and public-private partnerships are leading people to rethink established business... Read more

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Continuous Monitoring Saves $15 billion?

2016 10 Aug

Tools that provide continuous monitoring have the potential to save hospitals $20,000 per bed annually, a report says. Researchers from Harvard have projected that contact-free continuous monitoring platforms have the potential to save the healthcare industry as much as $15 billion per annum. According to a new peer-reviewed paper published in Critical... Read more

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EAHM 2016

2016 13 Oct

During the 26th EAHM congress, jointly organized with ANMDO national congress, we invite experts, highly renowned speakers as well as experienced colleagues to share their knowledge of the science and skills required to achieve this stability. Through such expert collaboration and shared learning we can articulate the required competencies to contribute... Read more

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2nd Annual Global Hospital Management and Innovation Summit

2016 26 May

Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and other medical establishments are viewed as organizations of hope by the diseased or ill people. Similar to other industries, medical establishments are structured institutions. Sophisticated processes and efficient manpower are required to manage the procedures at the hospital. Hospital management involves... Read more

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Business Intelligence in Hospital Management

2016 05 Jan

Challenges and Opportunities Using the Example of a Radiology Department Management cannot work without defining and utilising key performance indicators (KPI) to control entire business procedures. This is also a must for the health management sector. Cuts in reimbursement, higher demand from patients and referring physicians combined with a permanently... Read more