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IT Management

Do AI-Friendly Chiefs Lead More Successful Organisations?

2019 20 Jun

A report published by Deep Knowledge Analytics shows that AI-Friendly chiefs are more likely to help drive their organisation to success.   Researchers did a deep dive with 50 pharma and tech corporations and discovered that when CEOs and board members embraced AI, it indicated R&D efficiency and the likelihood of more success in drug discovery.... Read more

Executive Health Management

Hospital CEO departures dropped in 2017

2017 24 Nov

So far this year, the number of hospital CEOs who have left their jobs is down by nearly 37 percent from the previous year. Between January and October of 2017, there were only 92 hospital CEO exits compared to 126 in the same year-ago period, according to a new report. Eleven hospital CEOs left their jobs in October 2017 alone. That number... Read more