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Executive Health Management

Reimagined Hospitals

2020 29 Jan

In 10 years, the healthcare system will be a different beast. The power of technology and data will change the way we face the current challenges driving us towards more integrated care based on population health and value, with increased patient engagement. This all means the old healthcare provision paradigm is crumbling. Not that hospitals will... Read more

Executive Health Management

Disaster-Proof Hospitals for Vulnerable Zones

2016 05 Dec

  The Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System recently opened its new hospital in New Orleans. Architects say the new 1.7-million-square-foot facility embodies "the lessons" of Hurricane Katrina, in reference to the destruction and problems caused by the storm that hit the area more than a decade ago.   Katrina exposed the structural deficiencies... Read more

Executive Health Management

Silent Hospital of the Future

2016 05 Sep

With noise pollution increasingly regarded as an ‘under-the-radar’ threat to patient safety, experts from a range of fields are teaming up to design a hospital of the future – one that is silent. Experts come from fields both within and out with healthcare and include healthcare leaders, acousticians and even musicians according to Quartz .... Read more

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SALUS-2nd European Healthcare Design 2016

2016 27 Jun

Global forum, holistic approach  Providing an interdisciplinary forum for policy advisors, researchers and practitioners from around the globe, the 2nd European Healthcare Design 2016 (EHD 2016) Congress & Exhibition will be held on 27–28 June, 2016 at the Royal College of Physicians in London, UK. Organised by Architects for Health and SALUS Global... Read more

Executive Health Management

Better Hospital Design From Ground Up

2015 16 Dec

The William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital opened in December 2014 and received the Rising Star Award from the University HealthSystem Consortium. The reason for its tremendous performance can be attributed to making both patients and frontline healthcare professionals the true architects of the project. These are some of the key features of the... Read more