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Executive Health Management

Hospital Meals: Sit Up for Better Health

2016 28 Mar

New research published in Journal of Advanced Nursing has confirmed what healthcare professionals have always known; patients often eat poorly, and that the hospital mealtime environment may contribute to this problem. Wiley researchers observed 601 meals in four hospital wards during 2013 and made the following interesting findings: ·      Mealtime... Read more

Executive Health Management

Healthy Options Leads to Rise in Hospital Retail Meals

2015 05 Sep

More and more hospital cafeterias are serving retail meals and drawing in more paying customers. Modern Healthcare reports that hospitals served an average of over 1000 retail meals a day last year. This was 2.9 percent more than the year before. Retail meals account for 58 percent of all meals served in hospitals. In the old days, hospital meals used... Read more