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Are rankings the best way to determine healthcare systems?

2018 25 Jan

Uncovering the truth behind healthcare rankings. World healthcare rankings have been published since 2000 but have they made any difference? This article reviews the literature available and focuses on the media’s attention to the latest rankings issued in 2017. When it comes to healthcare, we just adore and perhaps relate easily to league... Read more

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Healthio 2018

2018 16 Oct

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Healthio 2017

2017 03 May

HEALTHIO and Health2.0 Europe are co-located Events Find HEALTHIO Global on Social Media         Read more

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EHMA Annual Conference 2017 - European Health Management Association

2017 13 Jun

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EHMA (European Health Management Association) Annual Conference 2016

2016 14 Jun

Hosted by University of Porto, the 2016 EHMA Annual Conference “ New Models of Care. Reinventing healthcare: why, what, how”  will be held at the exclusive home of  Ordem dos Medicos  in Porto, Portugal from  14  to  16 June 2016 . Healthcare systems worldwide are experiencing a “new normal” as they face challenges that will characterise the next... Read more

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New Modeling Analysis Shows Screening for Cervical Cancer with Pap+HPV Together™

2015 12 Nov

Co-testing could prevent more cases of invasive cervical cancer and cost the health care system less money over time, study shows Researchers presented a new clinical-economic modeling analysis this week showing that screening for cervical cancer with Pap+HPV Together™ (co-testing) using the Aptima® HPV assay (an mRNA-based HPV test) and the... Read more

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Dr Nader N Youssef appointed Chief Medical Officer of electroCore

2015 06 Aug

6th August 2015, Basking Ridge, New Jersey; Dr Nader N Youssef, has been appointed Chief Medical Officer of electroCore, the US based electroceutical healthcare company. Nader brings more than 15 years of clinical, academic, and industry research experience to electroCore.   He was previously Executive Director GI Global Clinical Development and... Read more

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Modernization of Healthcare Systems

2015 17 Sep

The most important Congress on Health Systems Modernization and Health Sustainability in the unique location of the San Raffaele University Hospital in Milano. The conference will aim to exchange on the content and goals of the EU strategy 2014-2020, considered as a priority both by the Member States and the European highest offices. Read more

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Real World Data Critical For Healthcare

2014 20 Oct

A session at the European Health Forum 2014 put forward examples of best practices from projects and live implementation that are improving the way real world data can be used to improve healthcare. Clinical trial protocols often exclude relevant groups when evaluating medicines. They sometimes also fail to consider how a particular drug would... Read more