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Executive Health Management

Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) Prize 2020

2020 14 May

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Health Management

Volume 19 - Issue 3, 2019

2019 22 May

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Executive Health Management

Secrets of innovation success

2019 22 May

International transfer of successful lessons and strategies is essential for improving quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare services.  Innovators in both developed and developing nations have found ways to deliver healthcare at a significantly lower cost while increasing access and quality, but we need more... Read more

Cardiology Management

Annual Heart Rhythm Congress

2019 06 Oct

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Executive Health Management

Emerging markets infographic

2018 23 May

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Executive Health Management

National Healthcare CXO Summit Spring 2018

2018 20 May

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Executive Health Management

Putting healthcare innovation firmly on the map

2018 30 Jan

Innovation is a key factor to succeed in any business or endeavour. However, innovation efforts within a company often lack a clear mission or fail due to lack of funding. This is where the role of chief innovation or strategy officer becomes important. Particularly in healthcare, there is a need to promote and strengthen the functions of chief innovation... Read more

IT Management

WHINN 2018

2018 09 Oct

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Executive Health Management

4th GCC Healthcare Innovation Congress 2017

2017 25 Apr

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