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Blockchain healthcare IT set for huge growth by 2025

2018 24 Apr

The need to improve interoperability and security of the healthcare information systems is a major factor for the growing adoption of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector, according to a new report from global market intelligence and advisory firm BIS Research. The report says the blockchain in healthcare is projected to be $176.8 million... Read more

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Help or hindrance? EHRs and admin cost reductions

2018 27 Feb

Despite huge investments in healthcare IT, EHR systems in particular, hospitals have not benefited much in terms of improving administrative efficiency. Electronic health records were supposed to bring down administrative costs but, as a new study in JAMA suggests, they may not be getting the job done. Administrative costs accounted for much as a... Read more

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AI and ML applications in healthcare

2018 20 Feb

From the algorithm development sandbox to the clinical wilderness. Today, far too many articles and blog posts suggest that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is some sort of magic pill that can easily be taken to ensure that all and any problems within healthcare will disappear overnight. However, change is difficult and often... Read more

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Deconstruction of business processes to disruption of business models

2018 20 Feb

How healthcare IT can impact business models.  What is the potential for information technology to transform healthcare processes and where will the consumer stand? For more than eleven years, I have been active via the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) as a pro-bono member of the board of ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK. This is the incubator... Read more

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Spring Hospital & Healthcare I.T. Conference 2018

2018 02 May

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UK Health Show

2018 25 Sep

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Healthio 2018

2018 16 Oct

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FT Digital Health Summit Europe 2018

2018 19 Jun

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Experts argue context matters in healthcare IT security

2017 04 Oct

Protecting sensitive health data and patient records is a challenging task for infosec teams. In a large hospital, for example, multiple users have access to patient data in the electronic health records system (EHR). How do you tell if any of these users is accessing the system with some hidden agenda, such as trying to steal information? It's important... Read more

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13th DoD/VA & Gov Health IT Summit

2017 17 Oct

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