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Executive Health Management

MEDICA 2018 - World Forum of Medicine

2018 09 Feb

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IT Management

Blockchain in Healthcare Congress

2018 09 Feb

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ehi Live 2018

2017 04 Dec

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HIMSS Pop Health Forum 2017

2017 11 Aug

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Digital Health Summit @ CES 2018

2017 19 Apr

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12th DoD/VA and Gov Health IT Summit

2017 30 Mar

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How IT Can Enhance Care Collaboration

2017 21 Mar

Collaboration between care providers leads to efficient delivery of care, resulting in better patient outcomes. Care collaboration can be increased with expanded use of health information technology and information exchange, according to an article in Health Data Management."Today, healthcare lacks the support of a closed-loop system, one that emphasises... Read more

IT Management

Why Skilled CISOs are Hard to Find

2017 20 Feb

If your company is having difficulty scouting for a competent CISO, it may give you a bit of consolation to know that you're not alone. These days CISOs with top-notch skills are becoming harder to find because to succeed they have to understand IT, cybersecurity and healthcare in considerable depth, according to Stephen Cobb, senior security researcher... Read more

IT Management

PCHA-IHE Initiatives to Improve Info Exchange

2017 12 Feb

Two healthcare IT groups will further their collaboration this year to improve ways that IT systems share health information. The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA) and Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) say they plan to pursue three initiatives in efforts to improve and simplify interoperability.See Also: Will HIT Cure Healthcare?Officials... Read more