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Gender stereotypes: eroding leadership barriers for women

2018 02 Aug

The persistence of gender bias and stereotypes in organisations, and in society at large, is a key reason deterring women from achieving leadership roles. Counter-stereotype exemplars and influential male champions are critical to eroding leadership barriers for women, according to an article to appear in the Journal of the American College of... Read more

Emergency Medicine Residents and Gender Bias

2017 08 Mar

According to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, there is a wide difference in the training and evaluation of male and female emergency medical residents. See Also : 5 Strategies to Ensure Gender Parity in Critical Care Medicine Gender bias has long been suspected in medical training programs. This particular study evaluated,... Read more

ICU Admittance: Does Gender Matter?

2016 10 Jan

Using a survey, with eight cases differing only in regard to the gender of the patient, researchers in Sweden have demonstrated an absence of a gender bias related to ICU admission in Swedish hospitals. Survey results show that female physicians were more likely to admit patients than their male colleagues, regardless of the gender of the patient. The... Read more