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Executive Health Management

Where are the Women?

2017 02 Aug

A new study presents one area where gender inequality in healthcare is observed: women are ignored when it comes to medical society awards. According to the study, there is a zero or near-zero representation of women physicians among recognition award recipients across a range of medical specialities.  You might also like: Why Healthcare Needs More... Read more

ICU Management

2017 08 Mar

Intensive care clinicians and researchers from around the world have published recommendations to improve the acknowledged gender inequity in the discipline, making a strong call to action “to better leverage our collective talent to the benefit of our profession and critically ill patients worldwide”. The article is available ahead of print in the... Read more

Cardiology Management

Cardiologists: Second Highest Paid Physicians

2016 12 Apr

A new compensation reports shows that cardiologists are the second-highest-paid physicians earning approximately $410,000 annually. However, fewer than half of them believe they are paid fairly. Satisfaction with compensation among cardiologists varied by gender and by self-employment. 61 percent of employed male cardiologists and 38 percent of the... Read more