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Executive Health Management

ER Clinicians Benefit From Mental Rehearsal of Trauma Scenarios

2015 16 Apr

The fast-paced environment of trauma resuscitation demands that team members understand their responsibilities before patients enter the hospital, and continuously communicate with each other while delivering care. A study of mental mapping on trauma teams shows the benefits of rehearsing possible scenarios in order to minimise stress and ensure that... Read more

ICU Management

36th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM) 2016

2016 15 Mar

The International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine is organised by the Departments of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine of Erasme University Hospital, Université Libre de Bruxelles, in association with the Belgian Society of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (SIZ). The meeting is held every year in March. Started in 1980,... Read more

IMAGING Management

Point-of-Care Ultrasound: Potential and Limitations

2015 16 Feb

Ultrasound was not widely used outside  the radiology suite or echocardiography laboratory 20 years ago. More recently, ultrasound has become common in emergency departments (EDs), perioperative care units, acute care floors in the hospital and in clinics. It is routinely used by physicians and advanced practice providers with variable training for... Read more

ICU Management

Avoiding Disasters

2013 15 Aug

A Tool for Estimating the Needs of Healthcare Resorces at Sporting and Other Public Events Co-authors Amir Khorram-Manesh, MD, PhD Annika H.E. Hedelin, RN Per Örtenwall, MD, PhD Sporting events have the potential to turn into major incidents. Thus, as part of the planning for such events, there should be an estimation of the needs for medical... Read more