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Inappropriate CT and MRI use in hospitalised patients

2018 22 Feb

The use of diagnostic imaging has increased significantly over the past decade, and expensive technologies such as CT and MRI have been extensively introduced into several diagnostic procedures. While the clinical information acquired from their use may be beneficial to patients, these diagnostic tests also lead to increased healthcare costs. New research... Read more

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2018 20 Feb

Taking control of your reputation has become far more complex in recent decades, with advanced technology presenting widespread opportunities. If well choreographed, use of the many tools, platforms and channels on hand can lead to significant strength, propelling your reputation; but if orchestrated badly, your online and offline involvement could actually... Read more

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Diagnostic imaging in sports medicine

2018 20 Feb

Radiologists collaborate with sports physicians for optimal performance How diagnostic imaging can be used in sports medicine and how different techniques can be used to assess muscle injuries. Diagnostic imaging in sports medicine As muscle injuries represent more than thirty percent of sports injuries, with great implications for professional... Read more

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Informing Patients About Imaging Tests' Radiation Risks

2017 18 Jul

The general population does not receive enough information regarding radiation exposure and the associated risks related to imaging tests. Thus, initiatives should be designed to reinforce the patient’s awareness when ordering a diagnostic imaging test, says a new study published in the journal PLoS ONE. Over the past decades, a significant part of... Read more

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Experts: Diagnostic Radiation Exposure 'Safe for Children'

2017 12 Jun

Ionising radiation is widely thought to increase one's risk of getting cancer. However, researchers claim the long-held belief that even low doses of radiation, such as those received in diagnostic imaging, increase cancer risk is based on an inaccurate, 70-year-old hypothesis and leads to unnecessary fear and misdiagnoses. The hypothesis referred... Read more

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Benefit-Risk Assessment in Diagnostic Imaging

2017 11 Apr

Diagnostic imaging has many effects and there is no common definition of value in diagnostic radiology. A new study proposes using a standardised benefit-risk criteria (BRC) framework to ensure consistent examination of differences among diagnostic alternatives. The study is in press in the journal Academic Radiology.   Several frameworks for... Read more

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ESR and IAEA Conclude Practical Arrangement on Diagnostic Imaging

2017 01 Mar

Front row from left to right: May Abdel-Wahab (IAEA), Katrine Riklund (ESR), Aldo Malavasi (IAEA), Diana Paez (IAEA)   The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Society of Radiology (ESR) have concluded a practical arrangement on cooperation in the area of diagnostic imaging, including hybrid imaging. This practical arrangement,... Read more

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Affidea - Healthcare Without Borders

2016 13 Nov

Affidea is an international healthcare provider focused on advanced diagnostic imaging and cancer care. We are the largest independent provider of these services in Europe, operating 198 medical centres in 15 countries. Despite spanning a multitude of geographies and cultures, the message across Affidea remains constant– nothing is more important... Read more

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Hologic Notice that Holders of 2% Convertible Exchange Senior Notes Due 2037 are Eligible to Convert

2016 02 Apr

Hologic, Inc. has announced that it has notified holders of the 2.00% Convertible Exchange Senior Notes due 2037 (CUSIP No. 436440 AB7) issued  November 23, 2010 , and Wilmington Trust Company, the trustee, paying agent and conversion agent for the notes, that holders are eligible to convert the notes.  This conversion right is subject to the terms... Read more