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Improving Diagnosis Is Urgent: Multidisciplinary Effort Required

2015 22 Sep

Diagnostic errors are medicine’s blind spot, and need urgent action, according to a report, Improving Diagnosis in Health Care, released on 22 September by the U.S. Institute of Medicine’s Committee on Diagnostic Error in Health Care. Other types of medical errors have traditionally received more attention in healthcare, but the spotlight needs to turn... Read more

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New Coalition to Address Diagnostic Errors

2015 01 Sep

A new coalition has been formulated to address diagnostic errors. The Coalition to Improve Diagnosis,  which comprises of medical societies, healthcare organisations, patient and consumer advocates and government partners, will tackle diagnostic errors in medicine to help improve diagnosis. It will be led by the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine... Read more

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Collaboration Improves Medical Students’ Diagnostic Accuracy

2015 20 Jan

Medical students are more accurate in selecting a correct diagnosis for simulated patient cases when they work in pairs, according to new research from Berlin, Germany. Collaboration improves error correction, bridges gaps in knowledge, and decreases flawed reasoning, the study suggests. The findings are reported in the January 20 issue of JAMA.Colleagues... Read more

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Nurses Campaign Against the Dangers of Digital Diagnoses

2014 02 Jun

As hospitals seek to serve more and more patients, many private healthcare companies are using automated diagnosis systems to make recommendations for care provision. Now, the National Nurses United (NNU) has launched a campaign warning the public about the dangers of impersonal, streamlined treatment recommendations based on large datasets rather... Read more

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An Experience in Teleradiology:

2013 28 Nov

A Canadian Solution for Collaboration and Quality Assurance in RadiologyAuthors Dr. Nadine Koff President and Co-founder RealTime Medical Toronto Ontario, Canada [email protected]   Prof. David A. Koff Co-founder RealTimeMedical, Associate Professor and Chair Department of Radiology, McMaster University Radiologist-in-Chief Diagnostic... Read more