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ICU Management

Imaging and ICU

2019 24 Jan

Advice from a radiologist   For the Imaging issue, ICU Management & Practice spoke to radiologist Dr. Marcelo Sanchez about radiology-ICU collaboration.   How can communication between radiology and ICU be optimised as both specialities become ever more complex?    The collaboration must be maintained by establishing protocols and... Read more

IMAGING Management

2019 23 Jan talks  with # pinksocks founder Nick Adkins about the fascinating movement that started in healthcare and is spreading like wildfire in all industries- activating people to connect by sharing each other’s stories with compassion and empathy to work together. # pinksocks is a community united in changing the world from... Read more

Cardiology Management

PCI and cancer patients: should cardiologists and oncologists improve collaboration?

2018 06 Dec

A new study published in the European Heart Journal reports that patients with cancer who undergo percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) have worse short-term clinical outcomes compared to non-cancer patients.  Approximately 6.6 million hospital patients in the US were evaluated in the study over an 11-year period. All patients underwent... Read more

IMAGING Management

Radiology’s future: outside the box– literally

2018 02 Dec

The tight roped tug of war concerning artificial intelligence and exponential technologies like deep learning and machine learning has been pulling at radiology for years. There are those fearing the dark side- new technologies as the ‘big bad’ machines that will rise up and exterminate the radiologist, the shining happy radiologists that see unicorns... Read more

Executive Health Management

ESUR18 - 25th Meeting of the EAU Section of Urological Research

2018 04 Oct

Follow the European Association of Urology on Social Media: Read more

Health Management

Diagnostic imaging in sports medicine

2018 20 Feb

Radiologists collaborate with sports physicians for optimal performance How diagnostic imaging can be used in sports medicine and how different techniques can be used to assess muscle injuries. Diagnostic imaging in sports medicine As muscle injuries represent more than thirty percent of sports injuries, with great implications for professional... Read more

Health Management

Top Healthcare Trends 2018

2018 25 Jan

W h a t d o h e a l t h c a r e l e a d e r s s ee   a h e a d ? HealthManagement.o r g spo k e   to healthca r e leade r s on the   futu r e of the   sector . The consensus is Artificial In t elligen c e (AI),... Read more