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Respiratory physiotherapy in critically ill patients

2019 30 May

Respiratory pathologies are among the most common causes of admission to critical care. Respiratory physiotherapy represents a fundamental part of the standard practice in ICU. The following review provides a practical and feasible description of the main physiotherapeutic tools and strategies that can be applied to critically ill patients.... Read more

ICU Management

Vancomycin pharmacokinetics in critically ill obese patients

2019 23 Jan

Limited data are available assessing vancomycin concentrations in obese critically ill patients. Several physiologic changes in obesity affect antimicrobial pharmacokinetics. For example, the volume of distribution in obese patients is greater due to increased lean body mass and adipose tissue. Drug clearance may also be further enhanced due to... Read more

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Fatty acids and enteral nutrition in the critically ill

2019 10 Jan

Dutch researchers performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials of fish oil-containing enteral nutrition addressing relevant clinical outcomes in critically ill patients. Based on the results, they conclude that enteral fish oil supplementation cannot be recommended for these patients as strong scientific evidence... Read more

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6th SG-ANZICS Asia Pacific Intensive Care

2019 18 Apr

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ICU Management

Reducing diagnostic errors in the ICU

2018 23 May

Diagnostic error occurs in 5-20 percent of physician-patient encounters, with a comparable prevalence among ICU admissions and patients who die in the intensive care unit (ICU). Further, diagnostic errors comprise 9-12 percent of adverse safety events leading to ICU admission, and the majority of these errors are deemed preventable, says a review... Read more

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Nutritional challenges in ICU patients

2018 16 Mar

This symposium explored controversial aspects of the nutritional management of patients in the ICU. There are new concepts and old controversies such as the role of permissive underfeeding and the optimal timing of nutrient delivery. Glucose control is also one such area where there is still no widespread agreement on optimal targets for blood... Read more

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Vitamin C in Severe Sepsis Treatment

2017 17 Apr

A new study reported in the journal CHEST demonstrates the beneficial effects of high-dose intravenous vitamin C in reducing mortality in patients with severe sepsis. However, an Editorial published in the same issue of CHEST, calls for more studies to determine optimal dose of vitamin C in the critically ill population. See Also : Albumin Administration... Read more

ICU Management

Volume 16 - Issue 4, 2016

2016 30 Nov

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New Resource for Children

2016 30 Nov

An activity book for children visiting intensive care units (ICUs) has been published by ICUsteps, the UK intensive care patient and relative support charity. The resource comes with an information sheet for parents and carers to help them support the children, and can be downloaded from the ICUsteps website .   Catherine White, Information Manager,... Read more