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Executive Health Management

Identifying, Controlling, and Reducing Overhead Costs in the Healthcare Sector

2016 26 Jul

Many expenses cannot only be attributed to individual patients, diagnoses, or therapies – a challenge for every provider  Introduction Reducing the total cost of care delivery is the main concern of providers worldwide. In U.S. hospitals, for example, it is the number one area for improvement in order to reach financial targets in a three-year time frame.1   Overhead... Read more

Executive Health Management

Keeping A Fine Balance Between Cost and Quality In Healthcare

2016 24 May

Cost saving strategies vary from one health system to the other, but experts in the U.S. say close monitoring of labour costs is one of the most important areas that can affect an organisation’s finance structure. Strategies abound for controlling a system’s labour costs, but the first step is often a relatively simple one: settling clear goals and... Read more