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Executive Health Management

A Hospital Manager’s Guide to Antimicrobial Copper

2015 18 Dec

Upgrading selected touch surfaces to Antimicrobial Copper is a simple but effective measure that is shown to reduce costly infections, freeing up beds and clinical resources and improving patient care. After a very short initial payback period, significant long-term savings are possible.  How much are your clinical touch surfaces costing you?  Pathogens persist... Read more

IMAGING Management

Agfa HealthCare's Services in the Spotlight at RSNA 2015

2015 17 Nov

Tailored service offerings help hospitals manage people, processes and technologiesWide portfolio offers everything from equipment services, to cloud and managed services, to remote monitoring and financial services.Dedicated and expert Services teams support hospitals around the world to meet targets and goals.Hospitals can outsource, in whole or in... Read more

Executive Health Management

Health Economics: Treatment Values Are Equivocal

2015 05 Feb

A study from the University of Colorado Cancer Center suggests that medical breakthroughs may not be as valuable as they appear in scientific journals if their delivery to patients in the real world is not feasible. Understanding the health economics of a particular treatment involves calculating the incremental cost effectiveness ratio (ICER) which... Read more