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Executive Health Management

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials East Coast 2020

2020 19 May

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Executive Health Management

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials: Medical Devices Europe 2020

2020 05 Feb

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Executive Health Management

Top Target Treatments infographic

2019 22 May

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Cardiology Management

Landmark heart failure trials under-represent women

2019 10 Apr

A new analysis suggests that women are under-represented in landmark heart failure clinical trials. In the PARADIGM-HF trial, the use of sacubitril-valsartan reduced heart failure hospitalisations as well as cardiovascular death by 20% compared to enalapril. However, only 21% of the study participants were women. In the inclusion criteria for the... Read more

IMAGING Management

#ESMOBreast19: 1st ESMO Award to Jonas Bergh

2019 02 Apr

Lugano, Switzerland, 2 April 2019 - The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) announced today that Prof. Jonas Bergh from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm will receive the newly established 2019 ESMO Breast Cancer Award in connection with the inaugural ESMO Breast Cancer Congress 2019 (2-4 May, Berlin, Germany).  The ESMO Breast... Read more

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Outsourcing in Clinical Trials: East Coast 2019

2019 21 May

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Health Management

Chronic Inequities: The top killer of women in Europe?

2018 21 Aug

Women are underrepresented throughout the health policy continuum from research to access and appropriate healthcare. How can this imbalance be addressed? What is killing women in Europe today? The list includes cardiovascular disease, cancer and respiratory disease, which account for nearly four-fifths of women's (and men’s) deaths on... Read more

Cardiology Management

Why is data on heart failure medications' efficacy in women limited?

2018 04 Jul

Heart failure (HF) is almost as common in women as men, but its characteristics vary by sex. Of note, women are largely underrepresented in clinical trials of HF medications, and that evidence of medications’ efficacy in women is limited, according to a review article in the journal ESC Heart Failure.  Heart failure presentation differs between... Read more