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eHealth for Morphology Laboratory Practice

2021 26 Nov

An overview of the types of errors in clinical laboratories and how the integration of eHealth approaches in routine practice could help reduce them. Key Points At the practice level of morphology, errors can have a major adverse impact on patient care. There are different types of errors that can occur in a clinical laboratory. These... Read more

3rd Middle East Laboratory and Diagnostics Congress

2020 11 Jun

POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 HEALTH CONCERNS TO JUNE 11-13 Find Middle East Laboratory and Diagnostics Congress on Social Media Read more

Executive Health Management

2019 15 Mar

It is undeniable that laboratory testing is vital for the diagnosis, prognostication and therapeutic monitoring of human disease. Despite the many advances made for achieving a high degree of quality and safety in the analytical part of diagnostic testing, many hurdles in the total testing process remain, for example in the  preanalytical phase when... Read more

2nd Middle East Laboratory and Diagnostics Congress

2019 18 Apr

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Elevating the clinical laboratory’s role in healthcare delivery

2018 21 Aug

David Humphreys  Global Head of Health Policy,  The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Abbott recently commissioned a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit – supported by research partners IPSOS and Acuity – to examine the laboratory’s current influence and perception, as well as to explore initiatives that could increase the impact of... Read more

Siemens Healthineers Signs Strategic Partnership for Laboratory Services

2017 02 Feb

Laboratory services worth up to €100 million Euros* for hospitals in Turkey More than 92 million patients expected to benefit from the partnership over the next five years Siemens Healthineers has been commissioned to take over the clinical laboratory service operations for two new hospitals in Turkey built and operated as Public Private... Read more