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ECR 2018: Clinical decision support: ESR iGuide pilots report

2018 07 Mar

The European Congress of Radiology in Vienna last week saw the launch of the clinical decision support web portal for iGuide as well as reports on pilot projects.Radiologists outlined their experiences of clinical decision support for imaging at one of the informal “Coffee and Talk” sessions at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna last week.Boris... Read more

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Quality and safety in radiology

2018 20 Feb

New book to provide a roadmap for optimisationIn a soon-to-be released book, experts offer their knowledge and guidance for optimising quality and safety in radiological practice.Summer 2018 will see the release of a monograph edited by Prof. Lluis Donoso Bach and Prof. Giles Boland. Quality and Safety in Imaging provides a roadmap for optimising quality... Read more

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Reducing Imaging for Low Back Pain in the ED

2017 16 May

Clinical decision support integrated in electronic order entry forms can safely and effectively reduce imaging orders for patients with low-back pain in the emergency department (ED), according to a study in press in  Journal of the American College of Radiology.Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common reasons for people in the U.S. and Canada... Read more

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ECR2016: Clinical Decision Support: Referral Guidelines For Europe

2016 04 Mar

As hospitals and health professionals feel the strain from increased pressure to produce more data and images, radiologists in Europe are working with their counterparts in the U.S. to introduce new referral guidelines by 2017 that will improve the workflow and meet the increasing demand for more imaging. Introducing a ‘professional challenges session’... Read more

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Appropriate Imaging and Clinical Decision Support

2016 05 Jan

"We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us” (McLuhan)Wasteful, unhelpful imaging helps nobody, and may be associated with patient harms through unneeded and unwanted intervention. Appropriate imaging through referral guidance is advocated through the Bonn Call-for-Action (International Atomic Energy Authority and World Health Organization... Read more

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Volume 15 - Issue 4, 2015

2015 30 Dec

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