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One-Third of Deaths Worldwide Due to Cardiovascular Disease

2017 18 May

According to a new study, cardiovascular diseases, including heart diseases and stroke, account for nearly one-third of deaths throughout the world. The study examined all countries over the last 25 years. The paper titled Global, Regional, and National Burden of Cardiovascular Diseases for10 Causes, 1990-2015, is published in the Journal of the American... Read more

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AHA's Collaborative Platform on Cardiovascular Disease

2017 20 Mar

The American Heart Association has launched an online tool that aims to transform cardiovascular research and patient care. The AHA Precision Medicine Platform is a global, secure data discovery platform that makes it easier for scientists, physicians and researchers to access and analyse volumes of data on cardiovascular diseases and stroke.The AHA... Read more

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Insomnia and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

2017 07 Feb

Observational data and biological plausibility suggest a relationship between insomnia and cardiovascular disease (CVD), but little is known about how treatment of insomnia may impact CVD, and causality is difficult to ascertain from observational studies, according to a review to appear in CHEST Journal. The researchers emphasise the need for randomised... Read more

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Fixed Combination Conference 2017

2017 17 Jan

Find Fixed Combination Conference on Social Media      Read more

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PCSK9 and HMGCR Genetic Variants Affect Cardiovascular Disease Risk

2016 06 Dec

Variants in the genes encoding HMGCR (the target of statins) and PCSK9 (the target of PCSK9 inhibitors) that lowered LDL, or "bad" cholesterol, in each gene were associated with nearly identical protective effects on the risk of cardiovascular events per unit reduction in LDL cholesterol, according to new research published in The New England Journal... Read more

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Get Peddling to Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

2016 31 Oct

Leisure and commuter cycling may be an important public health strategy in large-scale efforts to reduce cardiovascular risk, according to the findings of two large observational studies just published in Circulation and in the Journal of the American Heart Association. And as little as 30 minutes a week may have a protective effect.In the Circulation... Read more

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Poor Sleep Lifestyle CV Risk Factor: AHA

2016 27 Sep

A new statement from the American Heart Association (AHA) says that sleep duration and sleep disorders may be risk factors for cardiometabolic and cardiovascular disease. This is based on a literature review of studies the results of which are published in Circulation. Dr Marie-Pierre St-Onge (Institute of Human Nutrition, Columbia University, New York)... Read more

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Philips showcases full suite of cardiology solutions for cardiovascular disease at ESC Congress 2016

2016 31 Aug

 Integrated cardiology software, solutions and services optimize the path to treatment through early interventions to enhance patient outcomes and help lower costsMinimally invasive treatments supported by live intelligent image guided therapy help patients recover quicker and go home earlierNext generation point of care testing and cardiology informatics... Read more

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Gene Therapy via Ultrasound

2016 23 Aug

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) talks about a gene therapy approach called sonoporation which combines ultrasound energy and microbubbles to poke holes in cells. This new tool could help fight against cancer and cardiovascular disease.Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC explain that... Read more