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Executive Health Management

Revitalising the aged heart through spermidine-rich diet

2019 22 Feb

Stringent dietary adjustments, albeit effective in delaying ageing, are not attractive to the majority of people. Thus, pharmaceuticals or natural substances that mimic caloric restriction, like spermidine, are emerging as an alternative and feasible strategy to promote healthy ageing.   Background   We are in an era of artificial intelligence,... Read more

Cardiology Management

Energy Drinks Can Trigger Cardiovascular Events

2015 04 Apr

According to an article published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology , overconsumption of non-regulated energy drinks poses risks for arrhythmias and other cardiovascular events. An international team of researchers led by Fabian Sanchis-Gomar, PhD, MD, of the Research Institute of Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid, Spain believe that the rise... Read more