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Cardiology Management

Exercise-Induced Troponin Increases Risk of Cardiovascular Events

2019 19 Aug

Exercise is known to be a factor for good cardiovascular health, however, a recent study has shown that intensive or prolonged exercise can increase levels of cardiac biomarkers, such as troponin. Troponin is present in every heart muscle cell and can be used to identify the incidence of a heart attack. If the heart is damaged, this protein leaks into... Read more

Cardiology Management

Cardiac Biomarkers Predict Diabetes Complications

2014 10 Jun

University of Glasgow researchers have found that some microvascular complications of Type 2 diabetes can be predicted by an assessment of cardiac biomarkers. The results indicate that an underlying cardiac condition may precede peripheral microvascular disease processes. Peripheral microvascular events common to diabetic patients include nephropathy... Read more