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Effectiveness of Angioplasty Questioned for Treatment of CAD

2013 09 Dec

Stable coronary artery disease (CAD) patients who are neither experiencing a heart attack nor an abnormal stress test, may not be receiving additional benefits from angioplasty for the treatment of their narrowed arteries when compared to drug therapy alone. This was revealed in a recent Stony Brook University School of Medicine cardiologists-led... Read more

Cardiology Management

PTSD Patients at Increased Risk for Cardiac Ischemia

2013 03 Dec

Concern is growing over the potential of long-term untreated posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms increasing the risk for medical problems, in particular compromised cardiovascular health. According to the World Health Organization, heart disease remains the leading cause of death worldwide. Cardiovascular disease is an umbrella... Read more

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Mechanical Chest Compressions for Cardiac Arrest Just as Good as Manual

2013 04 Sep

In the event of cardiac arrest outside of a hospital it is important to provide effective chest compressions without interruption. Creating blood flow reduces the risk of brain damage and improves the chances of survival. A new Swedish study shows that mechanical treatment yields results that are at least as good as manual treatment.   The new findings... Read more

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Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest

2013 15 Aug

In this article, Dr. Nolan discusses the benefits of induced hypothermia following cardiac arrest. He further explains the key factors that must be considered when implementing this therapy to optimize patient outcome. Of the patients who sustain an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest caused by cardiac disease, just 7%survive to hospital discharge... Read more

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Physio-Control & American Red Cross Partner to Help the Public for Sudden Cardiac Arrest Response

2013 14 Aug

Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus AED (Photo: Business Wire) Physio-Control, a leading provider of emergency medical response technologies worldwide, and the American Red Cross, the nation’s leading provider of hands-on emergency response and preparedness training, today announced that the two organizations have joined forces... Read more

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Solutions for Improving First Aid in Cardiorespiratory Arrests

2013 01 Aug

From left to right, Jesús Ruiz-Ojeda (university professor at UPV/EHU), Elisabete Aramendi-Ecenarro, Digna María Gonzalez-Otero and Sofía Ruiz de Gauna-Gutierrez. (Image courtesy of UPV/EHU) An algorithm capable of diagnosing heart rhythm with just 3 seconds’ worth of signal, and the demonstration that it is possible to come up with the diagnosis... Read more