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ICU Management

Stroke Patients: Hospital Bed Position Matters

2014 10 Nov

During the first 24 hours after a stroke, attention to detail such as hospital bed positioning is critical to patient outcomes. Bed position is amongst the complex issues discussed in a Medlink Neurology article which summarises the latest research on caring for ischaemic stroke patients. Most strokes are ischaemic, meaning they are caused by blood... Read more

IT Management

CE Mark for Coagulation Monitoring Device

2014 22 Sep

Microvisk Ltd.'s (North Wales, UK) first-of-its kind medical device – a disposable diagnostic strip based on a Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) – has been accredited for European sales, Bionow reported. “The achievement of CE marking of a medical diagnostic device based on a tiny MEMS sensor is a major milestone for Microvisk – and opens up... Read more

Cardiology Management

New Tool to Treat Stroke More Effectively

2014 25 Aug

A novel device designed to treat stroke more effectively could be made available in the near future. The device is placed onto the head like a sports visor or halo and uses ultrasound to quickly bust clots that cause stroke. It was developed by William Culp, MD, professor of neurology, surgery and radiology and vice chairman of research at the... Read more

Cardiology Management

Alteplase Under Review

2014 25 Aug

The UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is currently reviewing the safety of alteplase, a clot-busting drug. The drug is to be reviewed for the treatment of strokes. The regulatory agency believes that the benefits of alteplase outweigh its risks but because there is a chance that some previous assessments may have been flawed,... Read more

Cardiology Management

Blood Clot 'Vacuum' Avoids Open Heart Surgery

2014 11 Jul

A catheter-based method for removing blood clots or other dangerous masses from cardiac blood vessels can save some patients from invasive heart surgery. The AngioVac system, a creation of AngioDynamics, is being used at the University of California San Diego’s Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center (SCVC), the first location in San Diego County to employ... Read more

ICU Management

Ischemic or Hemorrhagic Stroke? Check the Biomarkers!

2014 10 Apr

When someone suffers a stroke, a race against time begins, as a fast diagnosis and subsequent treatment can make the difference between life and death. According to a report published in the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry, a team of scientists led by Steven A. Soper is working on a new blood test that could swiftly diagnose not only whether... Read more

ICU Management

Doctors 'Vacuum' 24-Inch Blood Clot Out of Patient's Heart

2013 18 Sep

Todd Dunlap, 62, arrived at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center's emergency room on Aug. 8 suffering from shortness of breath, fatigue and extreme cold. When a CT scan revealed a 24-inch clot stretching from his legs into his heart, doctors feared the mass could break loose and lodge in his lungs, blocking oxygen and killing him instantly. Dr.... Read more