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Novel biomedical imaging system combines optical, ultrasound technology

2018 04 Sep

Purdue University researchers are developing a novel biomedical imaging system, known as photoacoustic tomography (PAT), that combines optical and ultrasound technology to improve diagnosis of life-threatening diseases. The system provides real-time compositional information of body tissue without the need for contrast agents and with better depth... Read more

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Merging biomedical imaging and AI for better diagnostic quality

2018 29 May

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently hosted a two-day workshop that gathered experts from the medical imaging and artificial intelligence communities. The objective was to develop standards for a new system that is envisioned to serve as a “diagnostic cockpit”, providing clinicians with data needed to diagnose... Read more

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New PET Project To Improve Early Diagnosis Of Cancer

2016 12 Jun

Researchers in Spain are involved in a European network, headed by CERN, to develop an endoscopic scanner for early diagnosis of some cancers that have a high mortality rate, such as pancreatic cancer that has a mortality rate up to 90 percent nowadays. In spite of the latest advances in cancer detection and diagnosis, some types of cancers... Read more