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Executive Health Management

Which States Do Doctors Misbehave Most in the U.S.?

2016 28 Mar

In fact, the percentage of doctors in the U.S. who get disciplined or pay a malpractice claim is four times less in some states than in others, a study by a pair of University of Michigan Medical School researchers showed. And since there probably isn’t a fourfold difference in the actual behaviour of doctors, the reason for this difference... Read more

Executive Health Management

Customer Loyalty Programmes: Can Healthcare Learn from Airlines?

2016 03 Mar

When you buy a cup of coffee, a load of groceries, an airline ticket or a tank of gas these days, you probably pull out a customer loyalty card without even thinking about it. It might even be linked to how you pay You may be thinking mostly about the perks you’re earning. But the place you’re buying from is focused on keeping your business, getting... Read more