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MyLab™Eight: New Flagship Product in Esaote MyLab™ Ultrasound Family

2016 02 Mar

As a leading player in the diagnostic ultrasound market, Esaote has more than 30 years of experience in developing and fine-tuning ultrasound systems and probes for a broad range of clinical segments.   MyLab™ ultrasound solutions are designed to meet the most demanding clinical needs in many applications: from abdominal to vascular, including musculoskeletal,... Read more

Vision Clear with Mindray's iClear™Technology

2016 21 Jan

Thanks to its continuing effort in innovations, Mindray is proud to introduce a new breakthrough in speckle reduction called iClear TM adaptive image processing. Speckle, an inherent imaging artifact, has been a major obstacle to further differentiate desired anatomy with ultrasound systems. The implementation of iClear TM realizes aggressive... Read more

V Flow : A Novel Visualization of Blood Flow

2016 21 Jan

Introduction Ultrasound color flow mapping (CFM) has been extensively used in clinical diagnosis. Velocity of blood flow is calculated through a leg-one auto-correlation [1] method using the beamformed and filtered receiving signals. The magnitude of velocity relative to the direction of ultrasound beam propagation can be obtained and thus is... Read more