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Successful Heart Transplant with Experimental Artificial Heart

2015 06 Jul

A 44-year-old woman is the first person in California to receive a successful heart transplant at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre. She received the experimental Total Artificial Heart designed for smaller patients.  The 50cc SynCardia temporary Total Artificial Heart is a smaller investigational version of the larger 70cc SynCardia heart, which... Read more

Cardiology Management

Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute Sets New Standard for Heart Transplants

2015 12 Apr

For the second year in a row, Cedars-Sinai Institute sets new standard for heart transplants. It is also the leading Institute for Heart Transplantation in the US for the fifth consecutive year. The centre’s Heart Transplant Program was established in 1988 and since then,1097 patients have undergone heart transplantation here. Cedars-Sinai completed... Read more